I grew up on good ole’ midwest casserole.

I've always loved exploring. I left Ohio when I was 18. Now at 32 I’ve lived in 8 different zip codes, took three months to investigate the country we live in and spent time in Ghana, Kenya, India and Mexico. 

The most fascinating exploration I’ve embarked on? Looking at how it all connects.

It begins with our minds and bodies. The better we understand what makes us tick, the more mindful we are in every action, reaction, and interaction. This is why I practice yoga, and why I teach it. My classes are influenced by the connection of opposing forces in muscle, of scarcity and abundance in thought, of inhale and exhale in breath. 

I became a 200 certified power vinyasa teacher in 2008 and have been teaching power vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga. I managed 3 studios including Sprout Health, The Yoga Space and CorePower Yoga, which is also where I have led teacher training programs.